Committees & Volunteer Information

As a POA member you may want participate as a committee member.  Some committees are more active than others. The best way for members to participate is to come to our monthly board meetings and committee representatives and /or their liaison on the board will give a report on their activities. Prospective volunteers can learn about what that committee does at the meetings and also learn who is involved and make direct contact.  Committee meeting times vary and are on an as needed basis and times are set at their meetings.

The POA Board of Directors designates the committees and appoints the Board Liaison and Chairperson annually at their January or February Board meeting.  Below are our committees and the Board member liaison and chairperson to each committee. Click here to download a Board of Directors list and their contact information. If you have an interest in volunteering for a committee, please contact the Board Liaison (click here for Board member contact info).

Please review the General Charter approved 1-22-18

***The Architectural Review Board consists of 5 or 7 members, serving 3-year staggered terms, who are elected by the Association Board of Directors.  Expired seats are filled at the January or February Board meeting each year.  If you are interested in serving on the ARB, please forward your resume to Jaime Fenstermaker at Other volunteer Groups: Boat Show: Board President, Executive Committee; Al Graham, TreasurerMOA Liaison: Al GrahamExecutive Committee:  Restricted to Officers of the POA Board of Directors